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IDefend is the supremely effective and constantly evolving Israeli Self Defence system – known for its simplicity, ease of learning, and devastating power. Krav Maga is used worldwide by men and women from all walks of life, as well as Special and other Military units and Law Enforcement agencies. IDEFEND which is based on Krav Maga is for you.

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Our training programmes

Adult Classes

A basic principle of self defence, first and foremost, is to protect oneself. When confronted by a violent attack, the main objective is to avoid getting hurt. A defensive stand will not convince the attacker to stop, and so, the response should be aggressive to neutralise the threat

Junior Classes

Countless parents send their kids to martial arts programs, such as IDefend Kids is an exceptional class which equips children with confidence, concentration, respect and self-control. This section is designed to maximize what your child will gain from Krav Maga martial arts training by educating you to be a super martial arts parent.

Corporate Initiatives

We aim at empowering your staff by helping them to become stronger mentally as well as physically. Wheather they use private or public transport, they will be able to be in control of any situation they may be faced with.

Education Sectors

IDefend aims at empowering primary school Children, High Schools, Collages and Universities. Our track record speaks for itself and being able to uplift and sharpen the future minds of our country gives us great joy and satisfaction.

Other Courses Offered

We offer Anti-Hijacking Seminars where physical interaction. Anti-Hijacking Seminars where physical interaction with the attacker is unavoidable. A special Rifles & Shotgun weapons disarm Seminar is available on request 

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The IDefend Team

Anthony Segal

Head Coach

Melissa Abelman

Women's Initiatives

Luke Zuvela

Assistant Instructor

Rob Malcolm

Apprentice Instructor

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We aim to empower everyone, equipping you with life's greatest gift, the gift of freedom and self-confidence.
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Frank Cstano

Business owner

I have know Anthony for several years, first being a student of his and now a good friend. I can honestly say that his dedication, commitment and drive towards his business, clients and anyone who comes into contact with him will benefit from his energy, empathy and passion for enriching peoples lives.

Jerome Levitz


Anthony is knowledgeable about Krav Maga and has the ability to impart that knowledge to his students, no matter what their age. Anthony is responsible, honest and reliable. I trust him implicitly and am quite happy to leave my girls aged 12 and 10 in his care.

Corrien Roro

CANSA - Fund Developer

On behalf of the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) I would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest thanks to KRAV MAGA for the generous donation towards CANSA- for the Special Fundraising event.

Leigh Ingle

Chief Operating Officer - The Urban Ruins

Urban Ruins project Centre would like to take this opportunity to thank Macsteel and Mr.Segal from IDefend for the life changing self-defence course

Eli Tzadik

Proud parent

Through empathy, caring and total commitment Anthony was himself able to enter the world of our 9 year old Autistic child.

Latest News

Self Defence / awareness 2022-09-02 / 09:10:16

University of Johannesburg

Idefend Krav Maga would like to thank Prof Wesahl Domingo (Executive Dean: Faculty of Law – University of Johannesburg), marketing manager Khutso Kekana, (Law faculty), and all the amazing students that attended the workshop.

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Joining forces 2022-07-08 / 011:10:16

Joining forces with Freeman House

IDefend and Alan Freeman from Freeman House Recovery joining forces to empower the individual, making the mind and body work together. We look forward to working together with yourselves and your clients, taking back their control.

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Empowering staff 2021-10-05 / 09:10:16

MacSteel taking action

MacSteel and IDefend working together to enable a safer team within the organization. Taking care of your staff and enabling them to look after themselves and their loved ones, while commuting.

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