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IDEFEND Training Programs

Senior / Adult Classes

A basic principle of self defence, first and foremost, is to protect oneself. 

When confronted by a violent attack, the main objective is to avoid getting hurt.

A defensive stand will not convince the attacker to stop, and so, the response should be aggressive in order to neutralise the threat.

Some of the benefits of IDEFEND are:
Increasing stamina
Improving coordination
Practising real life situations under stress
Learning how to defend against attacks with all weapons
(including firearms)
Learning how to defend oneself against more than one attacker
Learning how to resolve a potentially violent situation without the
use of force

Junior Classes
Countless parents send their kids to martial arts programs, such as
IDEFEND Kids, but most have no clue what is going on inside the class or what, if anything, of value is being taught.

This section is designed to maximize what your child will gain from Krav Maga martial arts training by educating you to be a super martial arts parent.


Some of the benefits of IDEFEND are:

  • Increased Strength & Endurance To excel in other sports.

  • Improved Flexibility & Coordination To prevent injuries.

  • Improve Posture and Overall Appearance This directly affects confidence.

  • A must for all kids!


We offer Anti-Hijacking Seminars where physical interaction.
  1. Anti-Hijacking Seminars where physical interaction  with the attacker

  2.  is unavoidable.

A special Rifles & Shotgun weapons disarm Seminar is

available on request.

We present very basic attack / weapons disarm Seminars.

We present a more advanced Ladies Self Defence Seminar.

(Ladies ONLY) 

We train children in overcoming BULLYING in the schools.

(As well as training for Teachers who are being bullied

by the Students) 

We offer an ‘Improvised Weapon’ Course.

(Baton Course) 

We offer a Basic Firearms and Intermediate Firearms Training course.



How do I join?

1. Kindly download the following documents below
2. Fill them in and bring them along to the class

Download the below forms
Registration & Indemnity Form
Membership Form
Training & Safety Rules
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3. Come and have fun !